Five Minute Friday: Unite

Joining Kate Motaung and other members of the encouraging Five Minute Friday community (on a Tuesday) for a weekly writing adventure. This week’s prompt is “Unite.” To learn more about Five Minute Friday, click here.

To bring together or come together for a common purpose or action

What nobler purpose is there than to reverence God?
To give Him the honor that is due Him?
To fear Him?

Ecclesiastes 12:13 tell us this truth,
To fear God and keep His commandments is the whole duty of man.
Our whole duty is wrapped up in these two actions.

It is understood that we are not speaking of being frightened by or of God,
but of a reverential awe.
He is our Father.
But He is also holy.
And we are to honor Him as such.
As He tells us to do, through the prophet Isaiah
He is not to be treated casually.

May we echo David’s prayer:
Teach me your way, Yahweh, and I will live by Your truth.
Give me an undivided heart to fear Your name.
Unite my heart to fear Your name.
Bring my heart together, its divided pieces, so that I may fear Your name.
That I may have reverential awe of You.

Reasons to Praise: Day 29 – Unite




These two verses speak to the fact that I can have a divided heart. They also speak to the fact that, regardless of what divides my heart, pulls it in different directions (and the list can be long), You are the only one who can unite my heart, cause it to be undivided.

You are the only one with the ability to unite my heart, a condition that is necessary so that I can fear Your Name. The fear, the reverence, the awe of You that Your Word declares is the beginning of wisdom. The fear that drives out the fear of man and all other fears that bring torment.

You are the only one who can give me singleness of heart. The singleness of heart that I need to obey You without reservation, as did the children of Judah. Father, give me an undivided heart. Unite my heart. Give me singleness of heart. Such a heart will align my priorities with Yours. Will hold the desires that You have. Father, unite my heart.


This post is number 29 in the series “Reasons to Praise.” Joining Kate Motaung for 31 days of Five Minute Free Writes.