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Five Minute Friday: Begin

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for Five Minute Friday (the last on her blog. Thanks Lisa-Jo creating this community). The prompt is “Begin.”

It seems that the past 36 months or so have been chock-full of endings. The death of two siblings. The end of a relationship. Even today, I said goodbye to a co-worker who has been a wonderful colleague and a source of inspiration for over ten years.

Still, as I noted the prompt for today, I was reminded that the One Who stood with me through all the goodbyes and the endings, daily invites me, moment to moment issues the invitation to begin again, in Him.

He tells me that He knows all and sees all and knows that goodbyes hurt but they are often necessary. Even when I do not recognize this truth in the moment and perhaps will not on this side of the eternity. That every goodbye is the door to a new beginning. To an “after this” whatever the “this” was made of. He is the one constant and is both the Alpha and the Omega for all times and seasons.

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