The Peace of Advent: Day 14

Peace (8)
Isaiah 26:3, stated above, reminds us that trust and peace are companions; however, this relationship is guaranteed only when our trust is in God. When we are fully trusting Him, we will experience His peace regardless of our circumstances or the size of the challenges we face. This does not mean that we will not hurt or suffer wrenching loss; however, as we depend on Him and trust Him fully, we will experience His peace. He will give His peace to us. This is not wishful thinking. It is His promise and He always keeps His word.


Father, it pleases You when we trust You. And You have promised to give us Your peace when we do. There are times when we struggle to trust You but You are always trustworthy. This Advent season (and always), help us to keep our attention on You. Even in the midst of all that is difficult and wars to take our eyes off of You, help us trust You. Give us the desire and the ability to do so. In Jesus Name.


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