I noticed the airplane as it headed in the direction of the airport near my workplace. It’s size, weight, and capacity were unchanged from the moment it left the airstrip of an airport that was its departure point, to the moment I noticed it flying above. But against the expanse of the sky, the airplane resembled a child’s toy. Context alters perspective.

This Advent season as we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Savior, each day moving us closer to December 25th, I wonder, what is the context for my life? What is the context of your life? Against what backdrop am I, are you viewing that circumstance which is a source of anguish? The unanswered prayer? Our deepest longing? Your greatest joy? The event that fills you with anticipation? Or dread? Context gives perspective.

May the faithfulness of our God who kept His promise to redeem us, be the context within which we frame our lives. All parts of it. In all seasons. 

Monday Vitamins: His plan, in His time

galatians 4 v 4 - 5

Perhaps you have been waiting a long time to see the fulfillment of a promise or promises God made to you. Perhaps you have become discouraged, worn down by the passage of time. May you be encouraged by the truth that HE will do what HE promised, in His time and according to His plan. May He give you the grace and the strength to keep trusting Him.