Beliefs and expectations

Expectations. They are on my mind and I expect them to be (no pun intended) for a while. I am uncertain what triggered this focus but I know it was strengthened by my pastor’s message yesterday. He challenged us to stop being “so reasonable” in our expectations… of God, that is.

Several days ago, I acknowledged that my expectation level is not what it can be and I was shown that expectation is based on belief. What I expect is based on what I believe to be true. As such, to change my expectation level, the first step is to know what I truly believe and the second step is to make changes to those beliefs revealed as incorrect.

Beginning with my beliefs about God, I must examine them in the light of what He says about Himself, not what others say about Him or what my experiences or circumstances suggest. And definitely not in light of my feelings. This of course requires time spent with in prayer and in His written Word. The more accurate my knowledge of Him and the more I believe Him, not just believe in Him, the more I will expect of Him. I recognize that I must also change my beliefs about myself, not based on what others say about me, or how I feel about myself, but based on what my Father says about me.

Several years ago, I engaged in a Bible study, Believing God, by Beth Moore. Yesterday, as I reflected on the sermon I heard, I was reminded of a “Five Statement Pledge of Faith,” which was central to the Believing God study. This is what it states:

  1. God is who He says He is.

  2. God can do what He says He can do.

  3. I am who God says I am.

  4. I can do all things through Christ.

  5. God’s Word is alive and active in me.

I know that I need to prayerfully examine the extent to which I truly believe these statements. How about you?