Five Minute Friday: Dream


I dream of being braver than I am
Not every now and again
But every time courage is called for

I dream of being faithful to God
Regardless of the circumstance
Regardless of how dangerous being faithful to Him might be
For my reputation
For my hopes of promotion

I dream of being loving
To love as He loves me
To allow the love that He has poured into my heart by the Holy Sprit
To flow out of me
In every waking moment

I dream of always being the first to reach out when a relationship is ruptured
Even when I cannot identify any specific injury I have inflicted
To forgive quickly
To stop holding grudges

I dream of being compassionate instead of judgmental
To stop trying to change people
But recognize that only God can do so
That I can only control my own behavior and can only do so with His help

I dream of being more generous
To live, as one minister said, not with the fear of running out
But faith in running over

I dream of becoming the person He created me to be
And I am thankful that this is not an impossible dream
Because even right now, He is at work in me giving me both the ability and the desire to please Him
I am dreaming

But Father, let me also act

Joining Kate Motaung and a group of courageous writers for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Dream.” To learn more about Five Minute Friday (and perhaps join us?) click here.