Surrender: What moves you?

Surrender is the act of giving oneself up into someone else’s power; yielding to the power or control of another. It is commonly depicted by a white flag.

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Sitting in an eating area of the international terminal at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, I observed a familiar sight: a vehicle with a single driver, pushing an airplane away from the gate.

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The vehicle doing the pushing was about 1/8th the size of the plane, and both weighed and cost significantly less also. All the same, size and cost not withstanding, it was pushing the plane, helping it move onto the runway in the direction it needed to go.

Created with Nokia Smart CamWikipedia describes this process as “pushback” and the vehicles doing the pushing are called “pushback tractors or tugs.” Many aircrafts are capable of moving themselves backwards on the ground using reverse thrust (a procedure referred to as a powerback); however, the resulting jet blast or prop wash may cause damage to the terminal building or equipment. In addition, engines close to the ground may also blow sand and debris forward and then suck it into the engine, causing damage to the engine. A pushback is therefore the preferred method to move the aircraft away from the gate.

It is not the will of the pushback tractors or tugs which moves the aircraft. It is the plane’s surrender, if you will, which allows the tug to move it. I do not know the mechanisms of an aircraft and what occurs in the preparation for the pushback procedure. I do know, however, what we yield to constantly, although it may seem small or insignificant, has the power to move us toward or away from God’s purpose for our lives.

What moves you? To what or whom do you surrender on a daily basis?


Beginning on Christmas Day, I watched The Nativity Story:The Journey of a Lifetime, a Story for all Time, in its entirety and then watched various scenes again, several times. And  I am seeing Joseph as I have not before. I see his compassion which was demonstrated before he knew the truth about the conception of the Child Mary carried. I see he must have had a heart that was tender toward God. Unlike Zacharias, who initially doubted the word spoken to him in person by Gabriel, Joseph believed the word spoken to him in a dream. I am thinking of his total obedience and how his reputation was likely forever damaged in his community but he had the applause of heaven.

The Bible tells us that Mary was highly favored but I believe Joseph was favored also. He was trusted by God with a task that few other men would have accepted, much more executed as he did. Trusted to protect and provide for Mary and the Word made flesh. He knew in the most intimate manner what others would later discover – the long awaited Messiah had come. God had kept the promise He made. Also, if the birth scene in this movie is an accurate depiction of what occurred, in helping to deliver Jesus, Joseph was given a  gift that no one else ever received – He was the first to see God in human flesh and the first to hold Him. Joseph. One of the lessons of his life is – obeying God may result in loss, heartache, struggle, and pain but obeying God is always worth the cost and is always rewarded by God.