Like a weaned child with its mother

Like a weaned child with its mother.png

“Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul,
Like a weaned child with his mother;
Like a weaned child is my soul within me.”

(Psalm 131:2, NKJV)

I read Psalm 131:2 and drew the following from it: There is only a need to calm and quiet my soul when my soul is agitated, storm tossed, uneasy, anxious, railing, raging, swollen with distress, or experiencing a similar emotional state.

I turned my mind to list the things or circumstances which can trigger and sustain these emotional states in me. But before I could name them I realized that, regardless of the diverse nature of the things or situations, they all have this in common – the way out is to turn my attention from the thing or situation, to my Father. The only way to truly calm and quiet my soul is to turn my attention from the thing or situation, and focus on my Father. And doing so sometimes requires me to wean myself from self-reliance or dependence on others.

And I think of Jesus’ words, recorded in Matthew 18:3, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless you repent [that is, change your inner self—your old way of thinking, live changed lives] and become like children [trusting, humble, and forgiving], you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (AMP).

Then I read these words from Charles Spurgeon (as cited on the blog, Mortification of Spin):

David… was like one who was able to give up his natural food, which seemed to him absolutely necessary, and which he greatly enjoyed. The weaned babe has given up what it loved. By nature we hang on the breasts of this world, and only sovereign grace can wean us therefrom, but when we give up self-righteousness, self-confidence, the love of the world, the desire of self-aggrandizement, when we give up trusting in man, trusting in ceremonies, trusting in anything but God, then has our soul become like a weaned child. It has given up what nature feeds upon, that it may feed upon the bread of heaven (8).

I read Charles Spurgeon’s words and prayed, “Abba, help me to become the weaned child described here.” 

Monday Vitamins: Favor

favor tree
  “You have granted me life and favor, and Your care has preserved my spirit.”  (Job 10:12)

Need His favor this week? You already have it.




Within reach

I want to write

But no topic comes to mind

No, this is not writer’s block

More inertia born of exhaustion


This space has, without invitation, become so familiar

It is tiring

I am tired of being tired

But change seems out of my reach


What is within my reach is grace

His unending, abounding grace

His grace which He, the One Who cannot lie, declares is sufficient for me


Abba, thank You for Your grace

Let it wash over me like a cleansing, healing shower

Let me sink into until I am fully submerged

My strength renewed