It is the middle of the week and this post is my response to the writing prompt, “Middle,” provided last week by Kate Motaung, the host of the writing community, Five Minute Friday. It is too late for that writing episode and the post took more than five minutes to write, so I will share it here only. 🙂

It can refer to time, as in –
the middle of the morning,
the middle of the afternoon,
the middle of the night
or the middle of the day.
It can also refer to position, as in –
being the middle child in a birth order,
being in the middle seat of a row,
or in the middle of a queue.

Sometimes it is easy to know when we are in the middle simply by taking stock of what is behind us and what lies ahead. For example, if I have the goal of writing 500 words a day, I am at the midpoint when I have written word number 250. (Yes, I may edit out most of it later, but that is not the point right now.)

Similarly, we can identify if we are in the middle by using standards or measurements external to ourselves. For example, what our culture defines as middle aged.

But sometimes we do not know we were in the middle until we have fully passed through a season. It is upon looking back that we can tell when we were in the middle.

It can be challenging. This not knowing exactly where we are in the process.

This is where trust becomes a necessity. Trust that God knows exactly where we are and will guide us through each stage in our journey, including the middle.

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