Day 27: Better

Is it possible to want better and yet be grateful for what you have and where you are in your current season? Or is wanting better, wanting more, indicative of discontent? Discontent is “lack of satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation.” I believe it is possible to be deeply grateful to God for where you are and what you have in your current season, but have an equally deep knowing that your Father God has more in store for you. And He is pleased when we seek Him for His best for our lives, while we hold Him as our deepest desire, knowing that if we should suffer the loss of everything and have only Him, He is enough.

This post is for Day 27 of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes Writing Challenge. The theme of my series is, “Season,” (which, at this point in the challenge, is loosely) based on the definition, “make (wood) suitable for use as timber by adjusting its moisture content to that of the environment in which it will be used.” Please click here to find the Table of Contents and links to other posts in the series.

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