Sustenance from the archives+ & FMF: Moment

Sustenance from the archives+ (31)


A moment, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary tells us, is “a minute portion or point of time.”

“A minute portion.” Small. Tiny.

But what a difference a moment can make.

A momentary glace away can cause an accident.

A word thoughtlessly spoken in a moment can inflict a wound that takes years to heal.

A decision made on the “spur-of-the-moment” can result in consequences that last a life time.

Taking a moment to encourage someone can make the difference between someone giving up or continuing to press forward.

Taking a moment to notice God’s goodness and give thanks can transform the mundane into the sacred.

A moment.

A minute portion or point of time.

But what a difference a moment can make.

Today’s post is for Five Minute Friday (FMF) and Day 16 of the series, “Sustenance from the archives+,” that is part of the 31 Days Free Writes writing challenge. The prompt is, “Moment.”  To read the post for Day 25 of the series, please click on the link below. To learn about Five Minute Friday (FMF), click here.

Day 25: Capture


9 thoughts on “Sustenance from the archives+ & FMF: Moment

  1. Your post rang so true with me. Each moment should count. Thanks for sharing. I am your neighbor at the FMF Community this week.

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