Sustenance from the archives+: Help

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The VOICE translation titled it, “A song for those journeying to worship.” What a fitting title, for is worship not a journey? One that moves us from a focus on ourselves or circumstances to the Most High God, who is worthy of all worship. It is one of 15 psalms titled, Song of Ascents, reportedly sung by pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. I am referring to Psalm 121. I love this Psalm. I read, think of, or hear it and am reminded that, no matter the nature of the “mountain” that I face, my help comes from God, the Maker of heaven and earth. My Father and yours, who is our Helper who is always found in times of trouble. I share it today, for Day 22, paired with a song based on its truth.  I pray it encourages you as it does me.

I look up at the vast size of the mountains—
from where will my help come in times of trouble?
The Eternal Creator of heaven and earth and these mountains
will send the help I need.

He holds you firmly in place;
He will not let you fall.
He who keeps you will never take His eyes off you and never drift off to sleep.
What a relief! The One who watches over Israel
never leaves for rest or sleep.

The Eternal keeps you safe,
so close to Him that His shadow is a cooling shade to you.
Neither bright light of sun
nor dim light of moon will harm you.

The Eternal will keep you safe
from all of life’s evils,
From your first breath to the last breath you breathe,
from this day and forever.

Today’s post is for Day 22 of the series, “Sustenance from the archives+,” that is part of the 31 Days Free Writes writing challenge.  The post is one of the “+” in the series title “…archives+,” in that is freshly minted. The prompt is, “Help.” To read Day 21’s post please click on the link below.

Day 21: Start


3 thoughts on “Sustenance from the archives+: Help

  1. I love that God never sleeps. I often struggle with insomnia on both biological and mental levels. Biologically, the gene for restlessness was simply handed down to me. Mentally, it’s all about the anxiety. Right now I feel a little amped up. It’s so good to know, for you to remind me, that I can lay my head down because God is here. He’s watching. He’s keeping me safe.

    1. Amen, dear Marie. Amen. During a time of deep anguish, a spiritual leader told me, “God watches you lovingly all through the night.” It has been years since she told me this and it comforts me still.

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