Sustenance from the archives+

Sustenance from the archives+


It is October. Together with the arrival of a true fall season (for some) and the anticipation of its arrival for others (like me), for those of us who are part of the Five Minute Friday writing community, it is time for 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. I have been indecisive about participating this year, not wanting to make a commitment and then failing to keep it. The answer came in the form of the thought to share pieces from my writing archives that relate to the writing prompts Kate Motaung, host of Five Minute Friday, provided. And, in the instances where nothing fits, write something new. Because I am beginning on October 4th, I will share multiple posts on the same day for several days this first week and single posts for the remainder of the month. I pray you find sustenance in one or more of the posts. Blessings.

Day 1: Story*

He had called one of his dear friends.
His world just upended by the report the doctor had given him.
The prognosis for his beloved wife, who was

waiting for him in the recovery room after surgery.
The report was not a good one.
He had called his friend. Asking for help. Not knowing what to say to his beloved. 
His friend shared these wise words,
“This is a chapter, not the book of your life.
Do not let a chapter define your life.”
My pastor shared this story with us recently.
And I think now of the book of my life.
And the chapters in it that I never planned to have as part of my story:
But I think too of the themes that You have always intended to be part of my story: Redemption.
And You are the author of my story.
Weaving it all together.
For my good and Your glory.

*Originally published on October 6, 2017

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