Thanks giving: An act. A process. A journey

Thanks giving

What is thanks giving? It is something we do. It is a process in which we engage. It is a journey we choose.

 Thanks giving: The Act

Thanks giving is something we do. As an author, Robert Brault, notes, “There is no such thing as gratitude unexpressed. If it is unexpressed, it is plain, old-fashioned ingratitude. Let us first give wholehearted thanks to the One Who is the Source of all good things. Then, let us also express gratitude to those who are priceless gifts He has given us and through whom He sends other gifts, tangible and intangible.

Thanks giving: The Process

Thanks giving is a process, much like that of using starters to make bread. It is a process that has to be activated. Starters can include the actions of another person, the recognition that nothing is owed us and we are the recipients of so much, and awareness of the goodness of our generous (such an understatement) God Who seems able only to give lavishly.

Thanks giving: The Journey

Thanks giving is a journey one often initiated externally, for example, through the influence of a parent or caregiver, in childhood, as they taught us manners. Sometimes it was a clear instruction, Say thank you, honey. At other times it came in the form of a prompt, What do you say when someone gives you something or says something nice, sweetheart? Over time, and with repeated lessons, the expression of thanks becomes ingrained, almost an automatic response. But there can be moments in the journey that we are awakened to the truth that thanksgiving can be intentional, not influenced by anything but our will. We can choose to give thanks. We can choose to be thankful in every circumstance. In every situation. In every season of life. In everything. With His help.

Have a Gratitude Filled Thanksgiving Holiday.


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