31 Days of Loving Well: Connect


Leading Someone to Christ

God wants us to love people unconditionally… to serve them, to help them, to pray for them, to show compassion to them in tangible ways. And in doing so we will show forth the love and grace of our God to a lost and dying world. But, all the love and service in the world can’t save a person. There has to be a point where someone opens their mouth and tells people the truth about sin, eternity, Christ’s love and the saving grace that’s only found in Jesus Christ.”

One of the most important and fulfilling parts of being a follower of Christ is leading someone to receive salvation and start a relationship with the Lord. (The Oaks Fellowship. Retrieved October 28, 2017)


“When we invite others to come to the Person of Jesus, telling of His wondrous love and sharing what Jesus has done in our lives, the gentleness of Christ is seen in us, and others will be drawn to Him.” – Jack Hayford. (jackhayford.org. Retrieved October 28, 2017)

In this fourth week of the 31 Days of Loving Well series, I have reflected on loving those I do not know, well. As I write this final post of the week, I am convinced that the ultimate way to love those I do not know, well (and anyone else in my life) is to connect them to Jesus.

To connect (transitive verb) is to place or establish in relationship. It is true that I cannot make someone chose to accept Jesus as Savior; however, the quotes cited above remind me that I have been given the privilege and have been commissioned and empowered by God to invite others to come to Him, by my words and my life.

Today’s post was written for Day 28 of the 31 Days of Loving Well series. The prompt is, “Connect.” The definition of “Connect” is from merriam-webster.com. The quotes were added before the 5 minute timer began. To read other posts in the 31 Days of Loving Well series, please click here.


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