Monday Vitamins: Give Thanks

psalm 96 v1.png

Thanks – defined as “an expression of gratitude.”  We are 3 days away from Thanksgiving Day in the USA. And even with the uncertainty in our nation and news of turmoil and acts of violence, there is still much for which to be thankful. But to whom do we give thanks? We are to express gratitude to people in our lives but let our thanks giving begin with God.

 “Give thanks to the Lord, ” the psalmist entreats us, “for He is good; for His lovingkindness (graciousness, mercy, compassion) endures forever” (Psalm 136:1, Amplified Bible).

Let us not be stingy in giving thanks to the One Who lavishes His goodness on us. Let us thank Him wholeheartedly. Let our thanks giving be constant. Let us pour out our praise. Let us shower Him with our gratitude today.  


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