Launch Day of Sliced Bread: Food for the Spirit


Dear Reader,

Thanks for visiting. Today, November 15, 2016, is the official launch day of my book, Sliced Bread: Food for the spirit. To God be the glory. Below is the Preface of Sliced Bread: Food for the Spirit. It sums up my experience of writing the book and my hope for those who read it.

I find deep enjoyment in having guests over for a meal and try to convey my delight at their presence through my preparations prior to their arrival. For example, if it is a sit-down meal, the table receives extra attention. I am aware, however, that no matter how well pressed and intricately folded the napkins are and how properly placed the dishes, glasses, and cutlery are, it is the food that is the true centerpiece.

Writing a book is much like preparing a meal and setting a table. I do not know of any cooks who prepare a meal without tasting it during the preparation process.

So it is with the contents of this book. Presented in a combination of prose and poetry, the words in this book represent sustenance given to me during and through various life experiences. They also represent insights gained in my spiritual walk with the Bread of Life.

If writing a book is like preparing a meal and setting a table, publishing it constitutes an invitation for others to partake. Whatever portion of this “meal” you eat, my prayer is that you will be nourished.

May your hunger for the Bread of Life be constant, strong, and deep.

Warm regards,


E. W. Wright

P.S. The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers.



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