There are various types of cuts utilized in the preparation of food. I knew about the julienne cut and dicing but learned about others from the website. The latter include the paysanne, the chiffonade, and the batonnet.

There are also various types of knives used for cutting. These range from the common kitchen knives to those like the Wustof Classic Ikno, used reportedly by top chefs.

There is, however, one instrument used for cutting that every human possesses. It is the tongue. And with it we can inflict wounds which take longer to heal than any cut inflicted with a knife.

Most times the wounds we inflict with our tongues occur unintentionally.  In fact we may not know until the person’s demeanor changes or he or she tells us that we  have hurt them. But there are times when the cuts we inflict are intentional. And these intentional times of wounding often are during times when we are angry or hurt.

Thankfully, Jehovah Rapha is our Father. This means that we can be healed every time we are hurt. And He who heals also tells us to be angry and sin not.  And anything He tells us to do we are able to do, with His help.   


Day 30 of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes challenge. Today’s prompt is “Cut.”

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