Five Minute Friday & 31 Days: Park


More times than not, I have a choice where I park my car. But there are times when the choice is not mine. For example, when my car “dies” while I am waiting for the traffic light to change. Or as happened today, when I parked in my drive way, anticipating that I might need to open my garage door using the switch on the wall instead of the remote, as has happened several times recently. I got back into the car and when I put the key into the ignition, nothing that I wanted to happen happened. I could not even lock the car. So I left the car in a slightly crooked angle and went into my house to call my trustworthy mechanic.

My intent was to park the car in the garage but I could not. And I think of how unexpected events can leave us in places where we never intended to “park” even momentarily. Places like heartbreak, and grief, and betrayal, and disappointment, and discouragement. And sometimes, it seems that there is no way to move out of these places on our own. And the truth is, sometimes, we cannot do so on our own. Thankfully, we have a Father, who has all power and an extraordinarily good plan for our lives. And when we are stuck, “parked” in places we do not need to remain, even a silent cry to the One Who is our present help in trouble is all we need for the process to get us moving in the direction we need to go, to be activated.


Joining Kate Motaung and other members of the Five Minute Friday Community for our weekly writing adventure which, for the month of October, is included in the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes challenge. The prompt is “Park” and this is Day 21. Click here to read previous posts for the series.








4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday & 31 Days: Park

  1. Yes. God is our present help in time of trouble. Similar incident occurred to me on Wednesday night. Car stopped in turning lane on a Main Street. I was parked, waiting on AAA to send help, but thanks be to God for sending help through a couple, who stopped to move the car to avoid the vehicle being hit by recklessly motorists. They helped to move the car out of the Main Street. Thank You God for sending help.

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