I was in graduate school when I received my eviction notice. I felt intense anxiety. And shame. But I also recall my resolve in that moment to tell only God about my need. I am the youngest of a large family and I knew that help would have been activated, even in creative ways, to meet the need, if I had made it known. But something in me wanted to know what it would be like to trust God completely. No, it was not just an idle curiosity. I determined to trust Him fully, no matter what.

I cannot recall how many times I prayed after making that decision but I recall the experience of walking upstairs to my second floor apartment one Saturday, and opening a letter from my sister Dee. In it was the amount I needed and a bit extra. She informed me later that she had the strong impression one day to send me the amount she enclosed. And she obeyed.

“Notice” – become aware of. My Father did not become aware of my need when I did; He is omniscient and always knew this need would arise and met it.

Day 19 of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes challenge. Today’s prompt is “Notice.”

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