After giving thought to today’s prompt on and off for approximately 2 hours, I am aware, cognizant of the fact that I do not know what to write in response to this prompt. I have considered and discarded various themes and options so I have decided to engage in a stream of consciousness process, hoping that something fairly coherent emerges.

I am thinking of the role context plays in my awareness. For example, if I am driving, I tend to be focused on the road, traffic lights, other drivers, etc., However, when I am a passenger, I see things that I was oblivious of while driving.

I am thinking also of the role emotions such as anger can play in what I give attention to, that which stands out. For example, I can become more aware of and be annoyed by the quirks of a loved one during times of conflict. But what can help me overlook those quirks is being aware that I also have flaws and quirks and I also need grace extended to me. And that I am a recipient of God’s grace and mercy every moment of every day.  I can forgive and He helps me to do just that as often as I need to do so.


Day 13 of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes challenge. Today’s prompt is “Aware.”

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