Paint it. This is the suggestion I have most often heard made or read about when decorating on a limited budget is discussed. And the suggestion makes sense given that for a reasonably priced gallon or two of paint, an entire room can be transformed. I have even heard the recommendation made for cabinets and appliances and countertops. Paint it.

But I am thinking that even if I transform a cabinet or wall or an appliance with paint, all I am doing is transforming the surface. No changes are made to the structure of the cabinet or the appliance. An appliance that was broken but painted a beautiful shade of white is still a broken appliance. A wall that has termites is still a termite infested wall when given a new coat of paint.

But oh, how different it is when the Father steps in to transform a life. His work is never superficial. He makes all things new. As stated in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ he becomes a new creature.” Brand new. Thank You, Father, for not just doing a superficial makeover but making me over completely through Your saving work.

 Day 2 of the 31 days of Five Minute Free Writes challenge. Today’s prompt is “Paint.”

Day 1’s post can be found here.


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