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They soared above my head and I reached for cell phone to capture them in flight. I could not access the camera on my cell phone quickly enough and was frustrated as the flock quickly disappeared from my view. Shortly after, another flock flew over my head and it seemed I was being given another opportunity to capture the beauty over head. I took several shots this time but was disappointed when I looked at the photos. What was clear as day and life sized viewed through the lenses of my human eyes, was captured by my cell phone’s camera as dots in the expanse of the sky.

This experience reminded me of the fact that the lenses through which I see do influence the quality of my vision and my perception of my experiences. I used my cell phone’s camera, which was okay for close up shots of stationary objects, to capture birds in flight; however, what I needed were lenses designed to capture motion.

And I think of how often I rely on the lenses of my experiences, and emotions, and the opinions of others to understand the circumstances of my life, when what I need are the lenses of faith. Faith, we are told, “makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see” (Hebrews 11:1, CEV).  We are told also that we need faith to please God; thankfully, He has given us faith and we can develop our faith, as one Bible teacher notes, “by feeding it on God’s Word and by putting it into practice (or exercising it) in everyday living.” The lenses of faith. I need them.


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