Monday Vitamins: Water

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I find water hydrants intriguing perhaps because of my fascination with water and the concept of easy access. I have observed that the colors of water hydrants can vary from city to city and even within city blocks. Such was the case as I walked with several of my sisters one morning, during a recent visit to Brooklyn, NY. They differed in color but a close up view revealed something they all had in common, the word “OPEN” printed on a raised arrow (the arrow providing direction for accessing the water available through the hydrant).

I think in this moment of the easy access I have, both in printed form and via online resources such as, to His written Word, His Word which is water. I think also of the fact that many of my Christian brothers and sisters in various parts of the world do not have the same level of access. And I am thankful for ministries, such as The Bible League, which do an incredible job of providing resources to under-resourced  churches globally, and provide each of us opportunities to help. And I find myself longing for a deeper passion and thirst for His Word by which we are to live. What about you?

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