Monday Vitamins: Prayer

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My soul is troubled and burdened today as a result of the tragedies that have plagued our world in recent weeks; the most recent being this past weekend. So I accept and hold fast to my Father’s invitation and promise in Psalm 50:15. And I remind myself, prayer is not (to be) an act of desperation or a last resort, what I turn to when I don’t know what to do. May it be my default response and my intentional first choice. May it never become a duty or a badge I wear. I must not make it a casual pursuit or something I saunter in to, for true prayer is a life changing interaction with the One Who has all power and can do the impossible. So my desire is to pray with purpose, urgency, and faith, believing that He is and He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


6 thoughts on “Monday Vitamins: Prayer

  1. its a truth (I like that 🙂 which I have to keep reminding myself of too. 🙂
    but does not also absolve us from feeling compassion for and praying for victims and situations …yeah ?

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