Five Minute Friday: Rest

Joining Kate Motaung and other members of the encouraging Five Minute Friday community (once again on a Saturday :-)), for our weekly writing adventure. Please click here to learn about Five Minute Friday. This week’s prompt is “Rest.”

The word in itself makes me exhale.
And I think of a comfortable bed,
covered with fresh, soft sheets
and a pillow that fits just right.
And of sleeping deeply through the night

I think too of Psalm 23:2, especially the translation that reads,
“He lets me rest [makes me lie down] in green pastures.”
He makes me lie down.
Because sometimes I do not have the good sense to rest.
Not just physically,
but in Him,
in His promises.
And engage in battles I lack the strength and wisdom to fight on my own.
And try to accomplish changes in myself and others,
when He is the only one who change my heart
And the hearts of others.
And I strive to earn His approval
when He has already accepted me fully in the Beloved.

I think of rest and I think also of that space between musical notes,
which I have heard allows the listener to absorb each musical phrase,
before the next one starts.
And I have heard also that the rests, those spaces can add strength to the rhythm of the melody.
And I think of my life as a song that He has written.
And that He has also included rests in the melody.
And those rests, those spaces, even when I do not understand them,
Make my life stronger.

InstaQuote_25062016 RZ-XkpowQ0OxV02EIlhIGQ


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