Five Minute Friday: Lose


Joining Kate Motaung and other members of the Five Minute Friday Community (on Saturday) for our weekly writing adventure. To learn about Five Minute Friday, please click here. This week’s prompt is “Lose.”

Sometimes we lose things and relationships through our actions, carelessness.

At other times we lose relationships and things through the choices and actions of others.

There are also times when we hold on to things we truly, urgently need to let go off, to lose.

And not just calmly lay aside.

I am talking jettison, as a captain does to cargo when a ship’s load needs to be lightened in order to keep the vessel afloat during times of storms.

Lose as in abandon, to leave and never return.

As in forsake, renounce or turn away from.

Things like unforgiveness, and pettiness, and rudeness, and envy, and discontent, and complaining, and unbelief, and insecurity.

And racism, and prejudice, and all that cause us to view others as inferior to us because they are different.

Yes, these are some of the attitudes, beliefs, mindsets which we need to lose

and lose immediately

with our father’s help which, thankfully, is always available to us.

But may we never lose heart.



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