Monday Vitamins: Invitation


We all receive invitations, written or spoken requests to go somewhere or to do something: have dinner with a friendattend graduations, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, retirement celebrations, etc.

An invitation is also something that encourages us to act or makes an event more likely to happen. Unlike the invitations referred to above, this category of  invitations is not as easily recognized as invitations. They, however, occur frequently and, due to their frequency, our responses can become habits which have implications for our daily lives and as such our future. For example, being cut off in traffic and having to slam on our brakes can be an invitation to be irritated and express our irritation (verbally or otherwise) or to be thankful that God protected us from an accident. Similarly, being treated rudely or disrespectfully can be an invitation to be offended and respond in kind, as well as an invitation  to extend grace and forgiveness.

Unlike the invitations to graduations, etc., which can be offered to a family or group, the second category of invitations are always presented to an individual (sometimes even tailored to an area where we need to grow?) and each of us responds personally. May we grow in our ability to recognize these invitations, which we can receive multiple times a day, and respond appropriately. (P.S. Remember, our Father’s power is available to us every moment).





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