Monday Vitamins: Lesson from a sunrise

As I began my morning walk recently, I paid attention to the sky, as is my wont.  “Muted,” I thought, referring to the colors of the sunrise.


The colors began to change (or were more colors added?) as I continued the outward leg of my journey.


On my return trip, I noticed further change.

WP_20160408_014As I moved closer to the corner of my street, I felt an inner prompting to turn around. I obeyed and laughed out loud in wonder and joy. The colors of the sunrise were no longer muted.


And then the lesson was gently spoken:

If you watch a painting in the early stages of the creation process, you may be unimpressed. Do not be hasty in your evaluation. Wait. Give the painter time to finish the painting. The end product will blow you away.

So it is with a human life. We are all a work in progress. HE is creating a masterpiece in you. And He continues His work over the length and breath of our days.



3 thoughts on “Monday Vitamins: Lesson from a sunrise

  1. Such a clever observation and isn’t it unfortunate that we are, as a society, becoming ever more impatient, every more ‘need it NOW’…when we’re impatient, we miss the beauty and, often, don’t allow the final end-point to be appreciated.

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