Five Minute Friday: Focus

Joining Kate Motaung and the other courageous and encouraging members of the Five Minute Friday community, for Five Minute Friday. To learn more about Five Minute Friday, click here. This week’s prompt is “Focus.”

I was formally reminded today that there are two basic types of attention. One of these is divided attention and the other is focused attention. Focus attention occurs when we concentrate on one thing and ignore all others. In other words, we are not distracted by anything else around us.  And wonderful things can happen when the one “thing” we focus on is Jesus. Just ask Peter.

The Bible* tells us the story of Jesus walking on the water. Which understandably scared the disciples. Remember? They thought they were seeing a ghost. He calmed their fears. Then Peter asked, “Lord, if it is You, tell me to come to You.” Jesus said, “Come,” and Peter did what no other disciple did, he walked on water, that is until, as the Bible notes, “He saw the wind, became afraid, and started to sink.”

He was doing fine until his attention was distracted from Jesus. He was doing fine while his focus was on Jesus. As is the case for all of us.

*Matthew 14:22-33 (Scripture reference and link added after 5 minutes were up:-) )



11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Focus

  1. I’ve read several posts today about focusing on Jesus and the importance of it. May God enable us to keep our eyes on Jesus every day so that we are able to do the things He has called us to do! Blessings to you!

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! I just referenced this scene in my comment on someone else’s page. I must have needed to hear it again… for ME! I’m hearing… Eyes on Jesus!!! Because many times we look at the water… the situation… the circumstances in life (knowing the physical properties of water) and sinking because we rationalize that there is NO WAY I SHOULD STILL BE STANDING. Not here… Not in this! All the while forgetting that it is not the water holding us, but the One who commands it. I like this!

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