Five Minute Friday: Time

Joining Kate Motaung and a community of courageous and encouraging writers (on a Saturday) for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Time.”  To learn more about Five Minute Friday, click here.

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We spend it.

We waste it.

We try to save it by being efficient.

But what we can never do is keep it.

He has called us to be conscious of the times in which we live. Pointing out through His servant, in one verse.* that our salvation is nearer now than when we believed. Something to think about, isn’t?

Sometimes we behave as if we have all the time in the world to do the things we need to do, at least I know that I am guilty of this error. Putting of things until tomorrow: the call to a friend; the apology which we need to make; the visit to the person who is in the hospital or has lost a loved one. We have good intentions and are often distracted by lesser things: FB, Instagram, twitter. The “thing” we put off can even be time with Him. We make resolutions to do better but thankfully, we do not have to put off making a change. With His help, I can beginning making good use of the time He has granted me, right now.


Sometimes I want Him to act in my time frame and can struggle to accept that He will do things in His time. I am thankful that He will not be rushed and that, not only is His timing perfect, He “has made everything beautiful in its time.”

* Romans 11:13 


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