Five Minute Friday: Table

Joining Kate Motaung and other courageous writers who are part of the Five Minute Friday Community. Today’s prompt is “Table.”


Some individuals are described or describe themselves as “closed books,” which means they are not easy to understand. Others are described as or describe themselves as “open books,” suggesting that they are easy to understand and freely share information about themselves.

Whether a closed book or an open book, if we are books, we will have a table of contents. And I wonder, what would be included in each of our table of contents?

Table of contents can have first-level headers, which are usually titles of chapters, and section titles within each chapter. I imagine that our first level headers would include titles such as “Birth” and other major life events and within each chapter, perhaps, there will be places, peoples, and times related to each event.

Speaking about my own life (“book”), in each title in the table of contents you will find two words “Love” and “Grace” for His grace and His love are recurring themes of my life story.


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