Monday Vitamins: Ordinary


As you look ahead to this new week, you may not have anything unusual planned. In fact, due to a recent season of upheaval and stress, you may be praying fervently for a regular, uneventful, ordinary week or perhaps just a day or two full of mundane activities and tasks which can be done almost automatically, without much effort. But is it possible that hidden in the ordinary are secrets of the extraordinary that are revealed with keys such as gratitude, obedience, praise, attention?

Also, as you look forward to or pray for an ordinary week, you may see yourself as an ordinary person, an average Joe or Jane. Possessing none of the talents which make the rich and famous, rich and famous. But ordinary persons like you and I, hold within us all that is needed to change the life of one person, to change our “Jerusalems,” that is, wherever He placed or will place us … a job, a neighborhood, a local grocery store, our family.

Remember, ordinary does not mean insignificant, or worthless, or unimportant.

He has a way of infusing ordinary moments, days, people, with His presence, His matchless power, making each His own, and transforming them all. Let us allow Him do so in, for, and through us this week. Shall we?

Note: This post is a modified version of a Five Minute Friday post.

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