Five Minute Friday: Same

Joining Kate Motaung and a group of courageous writers, for Five Minute Friday. Today’s prompt is, “Same.” To learn more about Five Minute Friday, click here.


“Everything must change.” It is both the first line and the name of a song writen by Benard Ighner. I first heard it sung beautifully and hauntingly by the peerless, Barbara Streisand, and perhaps that is why hers is my favorite rendition.

The lyrics continue:

Nothing stays the same
Everyone must change
No one stays the same

The young become the old
And mysteries do unfold
Cause that’s the way of time
Nothing and no one goes unchanged….

Then these words:

There are not many things in life
You can be sure of

And the composer goes on to list things of nature as the things we can be sure of. I love the song, but I disagree with Mr. Ighner.  Things of nature are not the only things I can be sure of.

I can be sure of my Father’s promises. He always keeps His word.

I can be sure that I am loved by Him, He told me so.

I can be sure that He will provide for me. He told me so.

I can be sure that when I confess my sins, He will forgive me. He tells me so.

I can be sure that I will change because He told me He is working in me giving me the desire and ability to do what pleases Him.

Yes. Everything and everyone will change


but not Him. He is forever the same. He said so, declaring in Malachi 3:6, (KJV), “For I am the Lord, I change not…” Thank You, Father.

P.S. Our nation has not been the same since 9/11/2001. But You are, Father. Thank You.


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