Opportunity for Joy

james 1 v2to4

Opportunities come but lack the power to make us take them. The choice to take hold of, to make use of opportunities which come is always and only ours. An obstacle to the process of seizing opportunities, however, is the fact that we do not always recognize opportunities as opportunities for positive change, as growing-in-His-image opportunities. Especially when the opportunity comes in the form of trouble. We can more readily see trouble as an opportunity to whine, complain, be immobilized by fear, activate intense efforts to control everything and everyone to manage our anxiety … the list goes on. Yet, Our Father tells us, through the Apostle James, that trouble is an opportunity for joy. Yes, Joy. The verses above indicate that recognizing trouble as an opportunity for joy is tied to knowledge … to knowing that there is purpose to trouble and that purpose is not our demise but to strengthen us, to grow us up. Trouble … an opportunity for joy.


7 thoughts on “Opportunity for Joy

  1. E, I confess that when troubles come it’s probably my first inclination to use it to whine and complain. Thankfully the Holy Spirit doesn’t give up on me and uses it for a great God ordained purpose. Thank you for your thought provoking post.

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