Musings: What really matters?

What really matters

What really matters?

That someone cut me off in traffic or that God protected me from an accident?

That someone was rude to me or that I was given an opportunity to show His grace, which I do not deserve, but which I receive from Him – Every. Single. Moment. Of. Every. Day?

That I have to stand in line for a while or that I am able to stand?

That I have known heartbreak or that through His healing and the love He has poured out in my heart, I can continue to love?

That I have not heard from a friend or that He can give me courage to reach out and risk rejection instead of waiting for someone else to initiate connection?

That I seem to be living my life in obscurity or that the Omnipotent Creator of the universe knows me intimately (Who else has numbered the hairs on my head? Knows the way I take? Knows when I sit and rise? Knows what I am going to say before I do?) and loves me completely?

That I do not have the gifts, abilities, skills that others have or that, with His help, I can discover, value, and develop the gift(s) He has given me and use it(them) for His glory?

That I am or feel weak or that His strength is made perfect in my weakness and He will renew my strength as I wait on Him?

That I do not have all I want or even need but I have been given so much already for which I can be thankful?

What really matters?


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