Monday Vitamins: Drink Up

Dehydration, according to the Mayo Clinic’s website, occurs when we use or lose more fluid than we take in, and our bodies do not have enough water and other fluids to execute their normal functions. One cause of dehydration is not drinking enough because we are sick or busy (emphasis added) and one of the signs of mild to moderate dehydration is thirst.

The website notes that, “The safest approach is preventing dehydration in the first place.” In addition, it is recommended that we monitor how much fluid we lose during hot weather, illness or exercise, and drink enough liquids to replace what we have lost.

Like our bodies, our inner man can become dehydrated by the spiritual equivalents of hot weather (aka as fiery trials), illnesses (aka as bitterness, unforgiveness, and the like), and exercise (aka as stretching ourselves). And like our bodies, our inner man will need to be replenished with spiritual fluids. The Living Water constantly calls us to Himself. May we no longer be too busy to heed His invitation. More over, may we make heeding His invitation and drinking deeply daily of the water of His Word, priorities in our lives.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Created with Nokia Smart Cam

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