Used to refer to profound thoughts
To people seen as wise, reflective
Hues with rich tones

Also used for places
In the earth
In the waters
Which share the characteristic
Of having areas not visible on the surface
Or easily accessible

Also includes places You call us to
As in Your instruction to the disciples
“Launch out into the deep and let down your nets.”

Launch out – not associated with ankle deep water
It involves leaving where I am
Moving away from the shoreline
Letting go

Peter asked, “If it is You, bid me come to You.”
Unlike Peter, I am more likely to ask, “Can You come to where I am?
In the boat, hugging the shoreline
Or toes in the water, the rest of my body anchored securely on the shore

It is true that You do come to where I am
In the shallow water
Behind self-erected walls
In prison
In the pit
In relationships that are poisoning me
Food. Habits. People.

You do come but it is not to keep me company
But to lead me out into the

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