Five Minute Friday: Blue

Elijah. Prophet extraordinaire. A man used of God to accomplish amazing things: raise the widow’s son from the dead; prophesied that it would not rain and it did not for over three years; he called down fire from heaven and the fire fell consuming not only the burnt offerings but also the wood, stones, dust, and water around the altar.

His very name spoke of God; it meant, “my God is Jehovah.” But even with all that God did through him, Elijah knew what it was like to feel “blue,” downcast, discouraged, miserable, despairing, despondent. He flat out asked God to take his life. And, interestingly enough this period of feeling blue, of being despondent, occurred after one of his greatest miracles.

I see God’s compassion on full display during this season of Elijah’s life. God did not rebuke him. First He sent an angel to feed him, twice. And I note that the food he received the second time give him strength to go 40 days to where he met with God. God spoke with him, give him a new assignment, and reminded him that he was not alone. That there were several thousands who were still loyal to God.

God is no less compassionate with us in our dark moments. Giving us what we need to go on and using us again for His glory.

Joining Kate Motaung and a group of courageous writers for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Blue.” To learn more about Five Minute Friday (and perhaps join us?) click here.


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Blue

  1. Thank you for extracting truth from the story of Elijah today, and for the reminder that “God is no less compassionate with us in our dark moments. Giving us what we need to go on and using us again for His glory.” I need to just sit with that truth from God’s Word today – thanks for using your words to bring His words to me! Stopping by from FMF ~Katy

  2. I wrote about Elijah too! Thank you so much for your insights– this is the most encouraging thing I’ve read all day. (yes, God is so gentle with us, not rebuking us in our weakness, as you said)
    -Abi visiting from FMF

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