Growth Conditions

Recently, I have noticed mushrooms in my yard and also in grassy areas where I walk. These included types I have never seen before and I did not resist the urge to photograph those familiar to me as well as the unusual.

Seeing so many mushrooms triggered thoughts of growth conditions. According to a gardening website, mushrooms, also know as toadstools, thrive in moist conditions. Current conditions in my area are ideal for the growth of mushrooms with several consecutive days of heavy rainfall, not enough sunshine to dry the earth, and high humidity.

Umm. I wonder, what are ideal growth conditions for roots of bitterness, unforgiveness, shame, as well as healing, love, grace, worship, peace, contentment? And which do I most often create ideal growth conditions for in my life? Which do you do?  I would love to hear your thoughts on ideal growth conditions for any of these states. I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments and/or write a post on the topic and link it back to here. Blessings.


2 thoughts on “Growth Conditions

  1. We must take the time to check out the condition of our hearts when dealing with other people. I have learned that I see more clearly my own faults,when I try to look at those of others. I pray daily from an often broken heart that I am in right standing with God and man.

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