Five Minute Friday: Tomorrow

I love the promise you hold of new beginnings
Of opportunities to start afresh
Regardless of what today and my yesterdays contained
I am thankful for the hope you hold

But the opportunities you offer are not yours alone
Today, in any given minute
I can choose to begin again
I can choose to begin again
Right now
The forgiveness that is available to me tomorrow
The power that is available to me to begin again tomorrow
The strength
The courage
The abounding grace
The wisdom
The peace
The long suffering
The joy
Everything I need to begin again tomorrow
Is available to me today
Because all I need is in one Source

The One Who is the same
He says
“Come to Me
Not tomorrow
But right now
And I, Who am all You need
Will provide all you need
To both be who I created you to be
And do what I want you to do today
You do not have to wait until tomorrow”

Joining Kate Motaung and a community of courageous writers for Five Minute Friday (on Saturday). This Friday’s prompt is “Tomorrow.” To learn more about Five Minute Friday click here.


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Tomorrow

  1. Beautiful words! Thank you for sharing. I love that you reminded me that everything I need for tomorrow is available to me today!

  2. Hey E! I am a close neighbor at FMF this week. I love what you shared, hallelujah amen so thankful that at any moment of any day, I can start again! Many blessings and love Aliyah (

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