Five Minute Friday: Plan

Before You said, “Let there be light” and light was
Before You formed all things by Your word
And formed man out of the dust of the earth
And the woman out of his side
Before she was seduced by the promise of all knowledge
And ate the fruit
Plunging all of us into the “born-in-sin-and-shaped-in-iniquity” state
Before You slew the nameless animal
And used its skin to cover them
Before all this You had a plan
A plan to redeem us
And the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world
You had a plan of salvation
One that would cost You a price that no human mind can fathom
Before all was
You had a plan
“What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soul”
You had a plan and You fulfilled it
All other plans, including the one you have for my life
Was hidden in The plan

Joining Kate Motaung and a community of courageous writers for Five Minute Friday (to learn more about Five Minute Friday click here). The prompt is “Plan.”


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Plan

  1. Beautiful, E…His perfect plan for us from the very beginning. Priceless and one that stirs my heart to gratitude and reminds me that He holds all the best laid plans in His hands.

  2. Wow! Your writing is a grand find. Your poetry is exquisite and spot on. It reminds me of Eliot, Donne, and Yates. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’ll be back soon.

    Drusilla Barron

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