Five Minute Friday: Open

Joining Kate Motaung and a community of courageous writers for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is, “Open.”


The words of a song, which is in fact a prayer, flowed in my spirit in response to the prompt, “Open.” And so did a longing.

Open my eyes, LORD, I want to see Jesus.

Reach out and touch Him.

Say that I love Him.

Open my ears, LORD, help me to listen.

Open my eyes, LORD, I want to see Jesus.

There are so many things I can benefit from having open, as I go through life: An open heart, regardless of the pain I have experienced. The temptation is to close my heart, even barricade it after it is broken. But I want it to remain open so that the healing and love He has poured in will pour out to others.

I want to be open to whatever He wants to do in and through me. I want to live with my eyes open but not as someone whose eyes are open but who is in fact asleep.*

Oh, to be fully awake and living as He designed.


* The condition of sleeping with one’s eyes open is termed nocturnal lagophthalmos and one of the symptoms is blurry vision. Umm.


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Open

  1. To be fully awake! Yes!!!
    And I never knew there was a term for sleeping with your eyes open… but I did always think it was creepy!
    Beautiful piece. May we live open to Him!

  2. Shalom E. I love what you shared it is so true – something similar was on my heart this week for the prompt. May God bless you sister! Aliyah (

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