Five Minute Friday: Still

Joining Kate Motaung and community for Five Minute Friday. The prompt is “Still.”


Still as in being devoid of or abstaining from movement

Still as in quiet, and tranquil, and silent

Still as in free from noise or turbulence

Still as in calm, settled, silence

Still as in Psalm 46:10, the stillness that brings with it the knowing

The knowing that He is God and Sovereign

Still as in the continuance of a condition

Still as in always and continually

Still as articulated by Andrae Crouch in the song, “God Still loves me”

When I was a child I sang a song
Yes, Jesus loves me
That was years ago and now I’m grown
Yes, Jesus loves me
The city where I live, so many things have changed
They say nothing ever stays the same …

But God still loves me
He still loves
After all these years
He still loves me
He always has
And He always will
He always has
And He always will …

When I’m right, when I’m wrong
When I’m weak, when I’m strong
When I am up, when I am down ..

God still loves me

Still as in continually

Still as in always

God still loves me



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