Reasons to Praise: Day 23 – Look


I look multiple times a day, that is, I turn or direct my eyes in a particular direction. Sometimes the look is a glance, brief or hurried. Sometimes the look is a stare, with eyes wide open. Sometimes, when I am angry, the look is a glare. Fierce. Of the if-looks-could-kill-you-would-be-dead type. At other times, the look is a stare triggered by disbelief, “I cannot believe what I am seeing. Seriously? You are in the store in your pajamas?”-look; followed by conviction because I am shown that I am being judgmental. The look can also be a peer, when I am trying to see something but doing so is difficult.

So I can look, glance, glare, stare, peer, but how often do I see? That is, truly notice or become aware of what I have turned my eyes toward?


Father, I do not just want to look at You, turn my eyes in Your direction. I want to see You because what I see transforms me. Help me to see You. Help me see as You see.


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This post is number 23 of the series, “Reasons to Praise.” Joining Kate Motaung for 31 days of Five Minute Free Writes.


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