Reasons to Praise: Day 10 (and Five Minute Friday) – Care

The prompt is “Care.”


That which is done to make sure that damage is not done

That something of value is kept safe

Handling something correctly


Whatever is necessary to keep someone healthy

As in a parent caring for his or her child or children


Also that which burdens

That is the source of anxiety

That which causes disquiet, apprehension, even uncertainty

There is a promise in His word that covers both

The protection of something valuable

That which is done to keep someone safe

That which involves handling correctly


That which burdens and weighs down and causes anxiety

Casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you.”

Cast that which causes anxiety and apprehension and uncertainty

Cast all into the hands of Him who cares for you

The only One who can truly keep you safe

Watch over you all the days of your life

And then throughout eternity

This is post 10 in the series Reasons to Praise. Linking up with Kate Motaung for 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes and Five Minute Friday

12 thoughts on “Reasons to Praise: Day 10 (and Five Minute Friday) – Care

  1. Isn’t ‘care’ such a laden word? It’s both a verb and a noun–an action and a thing. And the verb cancels the noun when we’re talking about our Savior!

  2. Hi E – enjoyed your post so much, vivisting from FMf. Have a blessed weekend Aliyah (

  3. One of my favorite verses and one I needed your gentle reminder of today. Casting all the things that weigh me down, cause me anxiety and concern upon Him today. My goal! Thank you!

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