By a thread

The sense that we are” hanging on by a thread,” is one that most people have experienced at some point. The perception, even a to-the-bone conviction in a given moment that, if something does not change for the better (according to our definition of better) or if another stressful or difficult even occurs, we are going to “lose it.” Quit. Drown. Go under. Whatever describes, “I am done!” (I heard a minister describe this process as one of “Prophesying to God,” that is, telling the Omniscient One, what is going to happen to us).

This phrase was thrust into my mind today when I felt a sudden, sharp pain in my right shoulder, after weeks of treatment for my left. “God, please,” I pleaded, “Not my right shoulder also,” thinking of how adversely my life would be affected if both were not functioning well. I did not voice the thought that followed, “I can’t take it if I have developed problems in my right shoulder also,” but I did not need to, as Psalm 139:2 reveals.

I continued to mull over the phrase, “hanging on by a thread” and wondered, “Am I ushered into this space mentally, emotionally, physically, etc., when I am relying solely on my own strength and abilities to cope? Umm. Doing so is a recipe for becoming overwhelmed because, although my fleshly resources may be relatively substantial, they are inherently limited and, as such ultimately insufficient.

This question arose: “Why hang on by a thread of my own making when I could be upheld by His unshakable, unbreakable grace? It is not my ability to accurately quote 2 Corinthians 12:9 that will make the difference in me and/or my circumstances. It is my believing its truth and walking in it, that will.

Are there times when you have been in the space of feeling you are “hanging on by a thread?” What helps you recognize that you are depending on yourself and not on God? Also, I cited 2 Corinthian 12:9 but are there other verses that help to refocus, strengthen, and sustain you? Please share them in the comments. You never know who you may help by doing so. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “By a thread

  1. I am so familiar of this feeling of “hanging on by a thread” because I choose to focus on the events, and losing hope in my ability to knit things back together. Being temporarily blind, losing sight of the Rock of Ages that I can hide and rest. I cite 1Peter 5:7 “casting my cares on Him because He cares for me”. As I repeatedly chant this, until every nerve within pulse with comprehension and believe. I let go of the “thread”, and grasp hold of the chain that anchors me , God of peace. “He will keep me in perfect peace whose eyes is stayed on Him” Isaiah 26:3

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