Five Minute Friday: Ready

Joining Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community of writers for today’s writing challenge. The prompt is “Ready.”

Just a few weeks ago, parents and their children were engaged in the process of preparing for the new semester. They were in places such as WalMart and Target, armed with the lists from the school.

Lists of all the physical things the children would need for the new semester, according to the school district. Papers. Pencils. Calculators. Tablets. Crayons. Highlighters. Rulers. Folders. Tissue.

For the college aged, the list included text books, many worth hundreds of dollars.

But what the list did not include were the intangibles that the students would need: Courage. Support. Resilience. Compassion for those ostracized and/or less capable.

And so it is with all students. And we are all students. Constantly being taught by the Father, being made ready by Him for all He has called us to do and who He has designed us to be here in the earth. Being made ready for our eternal home. May we be good students.


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