I hold my cell phone up and take a picture

Sometimes it is not posed

An attempt to record what is actually there in a given moment

At other times I smile

Wanting to convey a certain image

And these are the ones I typically share

Father, You have selfies too

But unlike mine

Yours are never posed

They always reveal the truth of Who You are

Your written Word

The WORD made flesh

Your creation

The Cross

Interesting thing is

The medium of Your selfies also reveal the truth of who I am:

In need of a Savior






Bought with a price

A part of the Body

Joint heir with Christ

Seeing through Your eyes

Is always the best way to see myself and others

Heal my blindness, Abba

Help me truly see


2 thoughts on “Selfies

  1. I like that, and I hope it’s ok if it is slightly paraphrased: Abba, you have selfies too.
    So true – and from what I have seen among some of your posts – you are one of them! Blog on 🙂

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