Five Minute Friday: Tell

Linking up with Kate Motaung and an amazing group who write brave. The prompt is “Tell.”

Some of us, and I say us because we are all part of a community, regardless of the criteria used to define it.

Some of us have things unspoken for various reasons:

The warning to never tell issued in the form of a threat or an entreaty


Uncertainty that what we have to tell is worth speaking out loud

But we all have something to share

For some, it is the telling that will break the silence where secrecy has fostered shame

There may be pain but there is also freedom in the telling

And the courage and grace needed to do so is available through Him

You may question whether you will be believed

Whether you will be ridiculed

And no guarantee can be provided that you will or will not be

But what you have to tell needs to be spoken

Seek counsel if necessary

Prayer support and cover

Direction to find a safe person to whom you can speak your truth

You do not have to share all the details in the first telling

But I pray your telling will begin


Note: This post was difficult to write and took a direction I did not anticipate. I edited it to add content that it seemed irresponsible to not include. EW


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